The Statistics of Triple Talaq

A Brilliant analysis by ~Priyanka Chaturvedi

The Statistics of Triple Talaq

There are 17 crore Muslims in India. Half of them are women = 8.5 crore women, 43% of Muslim women are married = 3.6 crore. Divorce rate is 5 for every 1000 marriages = 2 lakh, Out of those 2 lakh divorced Muslim women.
1. Not all Muslims believe in Triple Talaq
2. Not all Talaqs are initiated by women (the procedure of Khula)
3. Not all Talaqs are instant (which is where the problem is)
Let us assume half of them are instant Triple Talaqs = 1 lakh
Now, let us look at the Hindu community
There are 100 crore Hindus in India. Half of them are women = 50 crore women
43% of Hindu women are married = 21.5 crores. Separation rate is 5.5 for every 1000 marriages = 12 lakh
Unsettled separation rate 3.7 for every 1000 marriages = 8 lakh
Out of the 8 lakh unsettled separation for Hindu women
1. There are cases of divorces pending with courts
2. The separation could be initiated by the woman
3. Not all unsettled separations indicate wife abandonment
Let us assume half of them are cases of wife abandonment (similar to Modi) = 4 lakh cases.
For every 1 Muslim woman suffering from instant Triple Talaq, there are 4 Hindu women who are suffering the same fate as Jashodaben. In fact, the fate of the Hindu woman is worse. The Muslim woman can marry again, and find a better husband, but the Hindu woman gets stuck in a limbo, she cannot marry again, she cannot have a normal life again. She is a half widow. You need to understand, this is the fate meted out to women, under the current Indian constitution and Indian courts.
But you do not hear much about these Hindu women. Perhaps, this will make you wonder, if the media is really serious about the welfare of women, or are they just peddling a political agenda? An agenda of de-humanizing all Muslims, under the subtle pretext of social reform!!

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